We offer professional floor stripping services in Perth to residential and commercial clients.

Fast & professional tile removal, floor stripping & floor removal in Perth for homes and commercial projects. We quickly remove any floor covering dust free at an affordable price.

Tile Removal Perth

Get the messy job done quickly and efficiently.

  • Vinyl and linoleum floor removal

  • Remove timber flooring

  • Carpet removal

  • Pool tile removal

  • Remove old flooring

  • Remove ceramic tiles from concrete floor

  • Remove slate tiles

  • Marble tile removal

  • Remove old cork flooring

  • Remove parquet flooring

  • Remove old vinyl flooring with asbestos

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Remove any type of floor cover.

Each type of floor covering requires a slightly different approach to successfully removing it.

At this stage of demolition and¬†floor preparation, it’s very important make sure the tiles, vinyl (or any type of floor covering) are removed without damaging the underlying concrete surface too much. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend a lot more time and money grinding and preparing the concrete so it’s ready for your new flooring or polishing the concrete. In fact, it’s crucial to get it right because the end result of your new floor really does depend on how well the concrete surface is prepared. And if you’re having polished concrete, this is by far the most important part.

Use our specialised tools and expertise

Use our specialised equipment, tools and wealth of knowledge and expertise to remove any floor-covering from a concrete floor.

  • We guarantee to undertake all work on time and complete within the agreed time frame.

  • Our dust extraction system helps keep down the mess as much as possible.

  • Most residential jobs can be finished in one day, minimising inconvenience and disruption to your household.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality workmanship, so use our experience to make the first step of your renovation or new floor construction project as fast and easy as possible. We’ll come in, strip the old flooring out, clean up the mess and prepare the concrete for your new flooring or start the concrete polishing process.

The right tools for the job.

Not only do we have the experience to ensure you get the best results, but we make certain that we stay on top of all the latest developments. Both in the equipment we use and the products & tools needed to assist the floor stripping and floor removal process. We apply our expertise to each and every situation, providing you with the most professional and cost effective result.

Our LPG powered floor tile removal or tile stripping machine makes removing floor tiles, floor coverings and paint removal on large projects (commercial or residential) a very quick and simple process. We also use the latest technology dust extraction system and machines for diamond concrete grinding to remove screed and tile cement or any glue/adhesive leaving a smooth, even surface on which to install your new flooring or start the polished concrete process.

It is not uncommon for us to finish a tile stripping job after a client has started the job themselves. Removing ceramic tiles may sound straight forward, however it can be very labour intensive and really does require the special tools and expertise we have. In the end, the price for removing floor tiles is a lot less than going though all the hassle of DIY.

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