Professional concrete grinding service in Perth.

Concrete floor grinding and polishing makes removing heavy glues, tile adhesives, epoxies or sealants from concrete floors fast and easy.

For homes and large commercial projects, our concrete grinding and floor preparation service ensures fast, clean and excellent results.

Our latest technology LPG powered, heavy duty diamond concrete grinding machines and polishing equipment are attached to dust extraction systems to ensure not only dust-free concrete grinding, but importantly, a fast and cost effective professional solution to floor preparation.

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Our concrete grinding service takes care of these and many other problems with concrete floors.

  • Remove tile adhesive (tile cement) from concrete floors.

  • Remove carpet glue, vinyl glue or adhesives from concrete floors.

  • Clean paint from concrete floors.

  • Eliminate oil stains from garage floors or concrete driveways.

  • Smooth concrete surface before laying new tiles, vinyl, carpet or timber.

  • Get the best result from concrete coatings or sealants with proper concrete surface preparation.

  • Smooth out the concrete surface before painting.

  • Line marking removal.

  • Level uneven concrete surfaces.

  • Repair rain affected concrete slabs.

  • Paint removal from spray booths.

Concrete floor preparation

Good Preparation is the Key

The real success of your project depends on the quality of preparation before any new product or final polish is applied. We place a huge emphasis on making sure every concrete surface is prepared meticulously so that when the new coating, sealant or concrete polishing is applied, there are no blemishes, bubbles or other unsightly anomalies.

In truth, the end result of the new floor is the culmination of the overall process. Especially for polished concrete. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have confidence in what is beneath the surface, the preparation.

Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

Not only do we have the experience to ensure you get the best results, but we make certain that we stay on top of all the latest developments, both in equipment we use and the products & tools needed to assist the floor grinding and polishing process.

  • We guarantee to undertake all work on time and complete within the agreed time frame.

  • Our dust extraction system helps keep down the mess as much as possible.

  • Most residential jobs can be finished in one day, minimising inconvenience and disruption to your household.

We know the finished result of any floor is predominantly influenced by the quality of preparation to the underlying concrete surface. So use our expertise to get the most professional and cost effective result.

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